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the catch-all space

We all have this room.. it’s the least popular but over burdened space that is the random extra room responsible for a multitude of tasks. I call it the “catch-all space” or “room where leftover furniture lives” (and I’m guilty of it myself). Especially in more urban lifestyles, we all want to eek out every possible square inch of our homes and make it functionally fabulous. It’s hard not to smile, however, when I walk into a client’s extra bedroom and hear a similar response to my “how do you want to use this space?” question. Oh, it’s a tiny room so I want it to be my office, my guest room, the playroom, a laundry folding area, wrapping and crafting space (!) OK I’m a decorator not a wizard and holy cow that’s a lot for one extra room to handle!

Then I found myself in the similar situation. When my home office moved to M street, I reclaimed the small but much needed extra space off of my laundry room. Sitting down to prioritize my list of must-haves, I laughed at myself looking at this shoebox while listing the same laundry list of needs… office, playroom, laundry folding area, guest room.. you get the idea.

Here comes the good news: I made a super cute, super functional catch all space that became quite the bright spot in my home.

Check out before and after photos:

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