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Room to Rebloom

Over the past several months, I have been working with a group of interior designers and mental health professionals to establish a nonprofit organization called Room to Rebloom. Its purpose is to help battered women, once they’re out of the abusive relationship and in independent housing, to make their homes beautiful. We are recruiting DC’s top designers and workrooms to do this in part by using recycled and refurbished furnishings. Holly Hunt is already on board and donating goods. 

As designers, and design enthusiasts, we all appreciate how much our interiors affect our outlook and state of mind. So do the people who provide transitional shelter for these women and their families. ..when confidence and hope are such important factors in their ability to rebuild their lives.

But once these women are on their own, they have to make do with whatever they can find, and although there are organizations that collect furniture to donate to needy people, we’re not aware of any that will help make the furniture – and their homes – beautiful. That’s where we come in, but we can’t do it without financial support.

Please help me get this off the ground by donating- If everyone pitched in $25 we’d be off to a great start!  

Fellow Designers: know I’ll be reaching out to you to lend your talents in the future!

I hope you’ll join us. The mission of Room to Rebloom is to empower low income women and families in the National Capital Area who have been victims of domestic violence by providing them with design services and other resources needed to create beautiful home environments and rebuild their lives. Your donation is tax-deductible, and every dollar is valuable. 

Will you help us?




4 Comments on "Room to Rebloom"

  1. Trish Albano says:

    I am a designer and workroom in the DC area and would love to donate my services, materials, and fabrication. I have worked on several other projects in the past including Extreme Makeover, My First Place, and Susan B Wesley house and find it to be very gratifying to alter someone’s outlook with a beautiful space.

    • lizlevin says:

      Thank you so much, Trish! We really appreciate and need the help.
      I will contact you after our next board meeting. We are working on finalizing programming and will add you to our resource list.
      Looking forward to speaking with you!

  2. Liz— Just stumbled on to your blog, and read about your efforts with this project. I would love to donate my talents as a decorative artist, if there is a need. My specialty is “transforming old pieces into showpieces”, so it sounds like a perfect match for this worthy cause. Please check my website, and contact me at your convenience. I would be honored to help out in any way I can.

    • lizlevin says:

      Thank you very much! I would love to employ your
      Artistic talents in our projects.
      I will visit your website and be in touch as we finalize programming and project timing.

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