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pet-friendly posh

Your choice in upholstery fabric is the first line of defense against pet wear and tear. Wet stains and shedding fur can wreak havoc on your living room and beyond. But, you don’t have to live in a constant state of mess if you know the tricks of the trade. All Liz Levin Nesting fabrics are pre- treated with Nano-Tex, making them powerful resistors to daily doses of pet activity.

Spill-resistant Nano-Tex features the Releases Stains technology which prevents fabric stain absorption. Easy cleaning and durable protection keeps your finery looking its finest. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for ease when Nano-Tex:

  • Repels spills
  • Helps stains wash out easily
  • Provides long lasting protection
  • Extends fabric life
  • Retains fabric’s natural softness
  • Allows fabric to breathe naturally

Sensuede is another top choice for homes with heavy pet (or people) traffic. Inherently stain resistant, Sensuede’s soft, suede-like quality (hence the name) transitions well from modern to traditional interiors. A fabulous choice for the sofa–its super-power strengths make it tempting to upholster everything in Sensuede–but you’ll want to vary texture throughout the room. A healthy mix of smooth and patterned fabrics paired with suede will save your space from looking like a set picked up at a Memorial Day sale. You know what I’m talking about!

Both Sensuede and Nano-tex offer longer, more beautiful lives for your furniture. And, if you desire the most carefree option, choose a color that coordinates with your pet. I’m serious!

As goofy as it sounds, I have on many occasions held up carpet and fabric swatches to my clients’ pets. With shedding pets flying fur is a reality. Unless you’re prepared to stand guard with your vacuum 24/7, your furniture will look furry unless you choose a color that blends with your pet. So if you have a black Labrador retriever, please, for the sake of your sanity, do not pick a cream-colored sofa.

And about those floors. I wanted to marry my Spot Bot after I test-drove it around my house. With its hands- free action, you literally “set it and forget it!” This baby is worth its weight in gold.
Want more tips on designing with pets? Ask our nestperts.

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