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Nanotex Moment of the Day

Little people can wreak havoc on your furniture. I know this, I live with two small ones aged five and two. I discovered Nanotex when working for my clients with young families and it quickly became the best design tool in my arsenal.

When we bought our new house a year ago, I was able to r

I kid you not that marker slid off of my upholstery with a single baby wipe. No scrubbing, no additional water. .. that marker is gone! efresh my personal interior design with some of my favorite pieces- and I Nanotexed everything I could. For my kitchen/family room hang out, nerve center, high-traffic area known as the nucleus of our house, I designed a giant banquette sofa for one side of my table. It is upholstered in a light linen. It is protected but I still lived in fear of ruining a new piece.  Last weekend my youngest took a marker to the sofa and colored (!). I freaked quietly inside, then reached for a baby wipe and prayed my Nanotex was all I knew it to be. 

Thought of the day: you can keep your kids and your style. A pulled together house IS possible with a full-family life. To quote a recently fired albeit famous former CEO:

” You’re going to like the way you look, I guarantee it!”


Happy Nesting Tuesday



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