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color infusion


When I first met this client, she had a new house, two kids and a bunch of mostly empty rooms. She was studying for her Master’s in Fine Arts and finding her inspiration through color. Her style file was the most creative collage I’ve ever seen; pulling inspiration from boldly contrasting color schemes and patterns from fashion. Having worked in mostly neutrals to date, this was a challenge I was ready to tackle!




We spent a lot of time working with fabrics and colors trying to strike the right balance between bohemian and European. With her openness to the possibility of color, lime green velvet became our jumping off point.


Pairing high-end fabrics and custom upholstery with more moderate accent pieces kept the vibe energetic and not too precious. While not the primary family room, the room did lie just around the corner from the kids’ hangout. While we could take a risk on some fancy fabrics, we wanted the flooring and accessories to be more kid-traffic-friendly. A large scale graphic rug and acrylic waterfall coffee table both were catalog finds for the right price. Lighting injected with a bit of whimsy contrasts with the more formal refinement of the buffet.



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