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color infusion


  When I first met this client, she had a new house, two kids and a bunch of mostly empty rooms. She was studying for her Master’s in Fine Arts and finding her inspiration through color. Her style file was the most creative collage I’ve ever seen; pulling inspiration from boldly contrasting color schemes and patterns from fashion. Having worked in mostly neutrals to date, this was a challenge I was ready to tackle!   Before:   We spent a lot of time working with […]

toddler-proof lighting

With rowdy young ones, lamps can be in jeopardy. Many a playdate have I leapt to save a lamp! Floor lamps hold special appeal for toddlers. Mine in particular looks me straight in the eye while she shakes the lamp like a spindly tree! What is the PC appropriate discipline approach these days? Ack. For a client’s loft-like living room strangely devoid of floor outlets—running cords to the perimeter of the room was a non-option (kind of a safety hazard for all involved)—we developed a […]

pet-friendly posh

Your choice in upholstery fabric is the first line of defense against pet wear and tear. Wet stains and shedding fur can wreak havoc on your living room and beyond. But, you don’t have to live in a constant state of mess if you know the tricks of the trade. All Liz Levin Nesting fabrics are pre- treated with Nano-Tex, making them powerful resistors to daily doses of pet activity. Spill-resistant Nano-Tex features the Releases Stains technology which prevents fabric stain absorption. Easy cleaning and […]