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Nanotex Moment of the Day


Little people can wreak havoc on your furniture. I know this, I live with two small ones aged five and two. I discovered Nanotex when working for my clients with young families and it quickly became the best design tool in my arsenal. When we bought our new house a year ago, I was able to r I kid you not that marker slid off of my upholstery with a single baby wipe. No scrubbing, no additional water. .. that marker is gone! efresh my personal […]

Room to Rebloom


Over the past several months, I have been working with a group of interior designers and mental health professionals to establish a nonprofit organization called Room to Rebloom. Its purpose is to help battered women, once they’re out of the abusive relationship and in independent housing, to make their homes beautiful. We are recruiting DC’s top designers and workrooms to do this in part by using recycled and refurbished furnishings. Holly Hunt is already on board and donating goods.  As designers, and design enthusiasts, we all appreciate how much our […]

new look!

Liz Levin

        Our new site launches today! Hooray! After almost a year of working with my design team at Seam Studios, we have successfully relaunched our two websites at one location, with a new logo to boot! Uniting Liz Levin Interiors and Nesting in one place will make us easier to shop and enjoy. We hope you love our new look and logo. Check back here for my more active blog (thank you wordpress!).  After years of neglect, I’m finally back on the […]

Family-Friendly and Fabulous

Sunny FR After

Amid the Blizzard and frightful winter of DC, I had the good fortune to be hired by a lovely  new client in the Palisades neighborhood of DC. I strapped on my new uniform footwear of LLBean boots and hopped a snowbank to meet her and her charming home. My client has great taste, and already had a solid foundation of furniture and design direction. She was also raising two young girls and expecting a third baby in the Spring. (read: hands full!) I was brought […]

see sally swivel by the sea shore…


Glider vs. Swivel round one. Having a cozy spot to curl up with baby is a must-have for any nursery. Afterall, you’ll be logging countless hours, feeding, reading, soothing and singing to your new bundle for years to come. Our style savvy clients often shy away from the traditional glider as it is uber functional in appearance, and doesn’t offer much longevity in the design department once baby is older. If you’re not committed to rocking and want a piece that can live on into […]

the catch-all space


We all have this room.. it’s the least popular but over burdened space that is the random extra room responsible for a multitude of tasks. I call it the “catch-all space” or “room where leftover furniture lives” (and I’m guilty of it myself). Especially in more urban lifestyles, we all want to eek out every possible square inch of our homes and make it functionally fabulous. It’s hard not to smile, however, when I walk into a client’s extra bedroom and hear a similar response […]

sharpie meet your match

Kids and markers… if I only had a nickel for every time a client called with a marker meets furniture crisis. Well, I’m right there with you raising a budding artist myself. In a sea of washable paints and crayons, they always seem to find the Sharpie. It must have been a full moon because twice in one week I was discussing what to do when Sharpie stikes your light leather furniture. I must credit my fellow mommy-network for this trick of the trade. When […]


Cat-tastic!   A good number of our clients are cat lovers and have the feline focus front and center when design planning.  Here’s what we’ve learned when working with these captivating companions. While cats can be a potential hazard to most décor, planning ahead can minimize destruction. Cats are so independent and crafty (read: difficult to train) that it is often better to simply decorate around them. Using common sense, and paying attention to their behavior, should help you design a space that looks as […]

nesting guide to nursery design – 10 steps to baby room bliss!

Having designed a gaggle of nurseries in our day, we’ve learned a thing or two about a nursery in the making.  Our handy how-to list of nursery musts prioritizes and simplifies your tiny tot’s new digs. Sharpen your pencil – grab the old tape measure and sketch out the perimeter of your room.  Determine your space and plan what furniture fits where. No need to order a changer that’s too big or a glider that can’t groove – your space plan will dictate room available […]

two tots and a big lot


Keep your kids and your style. Several years ago a favorite client hired me as she and her husband approached the big move from downtown DC condo to spacious new burbs home. While the house was under construction, we first plotted out the family room, creating a very kid-friendly space for her son that now includes play space for her younger daughter! Durable, distressed finishes and fabrics, out- of- reach window treatments and a stealth, custom built-in toy box were the main players of this […]